The CinéStudent Film Festival is proud to have a select panel of industry professionals to serve as judges for this year's film festival. Each entry will be judged by the panel and awarded points based on the following categories:  Visual elements/Cinematography, Sound and Music, Editing, Story/Message, and Acting.

The Judges

Eric Anderson and Amelia Dellos

This husband and wife team have written several screenplays together, including the romantic comedy, Other Plans. As the founders and directors of Corn Bred Films, they are currently working on Oriole Park, which is based on Amelia's experiences growing up in the neighborhood of John Wayne Gacy. In addition, Eric has written several books and screenplays, including the indie comedy Zompocalypso. Amelia recently wrote, directed and produced Love Under Fire: The Story of Bertha and Potter Palmer which aired on WTTW.

John Bottiglieri

John Bottiglieri taught film study at Elk Grove High School for 30 years, building a program that was known throughout the district.  He writes a weekly column and records podcasts for F This Movie.  He is the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Mark Heintz

Mark Heintz is a social science teacher at Elk Grove High School. Tallish and feisty, he is a movie-lover and brings a unique perspective to the judging panel at CSFF.  He has a blog about teaching and learning called The Learning Giant.